NEW EBOOK: The Miracle of Meditation



The eBook is The Miracle of Meditation by Jeff Carreira the Director of Education at EnlightenNext and co-leader of the Evolutionary Collective. In it Carreira explores the penetrating discernments gained through the practice of meditation that were the catalyst of his own spiritual awakening. The book was created from carefully chosen journal experts written during a sixty-day period of deep practice. That period of deep practice was filled with the blessings of a cascade of spiritual breakthroughs and energetic openings beyond what the author’s wildest dreams. All of these are shared and explored in the pages of this eBook.

Each of sixty excerpts offers profound insights that show you how to liberate yourself from the compulsive attachment to fear and contraction into a consciousness of profound openness, receptivity and trust.

This eBook is elegant and beautifully designed and it is being offered to you at no cost as inspiration to fuel your own search for the miraculous.

You can download The Miracle of Meditation here: