December 22

Radical Inclusivity – An Interview with Dr. Timothy Morton

Recently I conducted an Interview with Dr. Timothy Morton of Rice University for The Evolutionary Collective web radio program.

During this fascinating interview we discussed the radical inclusivity that appears to be an unavoidable characteristic of reality and a central concern of the Romanticism.

The European Enlightenment was in part an effort to remove ourselves from inside the story of reality so that we could observe reality objectively and master our fate. The Romantic Irony that we all must face is that our very attempts to separate ourselves from reality in order to affect change was and is part of reality. To the extent that we have separated ourselves out of the world we have both been able to consciously enact tremendous advances for human life as well as unconsciously create the massive global problems – climate change, wealth inequity, water shortages, etc.) that we must now take responsibility for.

Please listen to the first half of my interview with Dr Morton here and discover what the worldview known as Romanticism has to offer us today.

To play click on the link below.