March 19

How do we prepare for a shift in consciousness?


The idea that we need to shift human consciousness has become cliché.

We’ve all heard Einstein’s declaration that problems cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created them.

But just because something has become cliché… doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Many people are aware of humanity’s need for a massive shift in consciousness, but how many are thinking about what we need to do to prepare for it.


What would happen if you were to suddenly experience a completely different reality?

Would you be ready?

Are you prepared to embrace a shift of that magnitude?

Radical Inclusivity

Expanding our Minds Beyond Dualistic Thinking 

In his new book Jeff Carreira explores a philosophical perspective that prepares us for transformative leaps in consciousness.

Drawing deeply from his own experience as a spiritual explorer and his love of philosophy, Carreira introduces a perception of reality designed to stabilize us through the turbulence that exists beyond the edge of what’s possible.

In this book you will experience a confluence of spiritual awakening and fearless philosophical inquiry that leaves you ready for anything.

The style of the book is personal and free, taking the reader quickly through philosophical investigations that leave your mind wide open and hungry for more.

By the end you will have found a new place to stand to explore the mystery of Being.

What Readers are Saying

“It is fantastic. I have finished my first, but not my last, reading!”
“Your book has deepened my investigation and enlivened my relationship with fellow explorers.”
“The book is wonderful. I love how the use of metaphor and analogy make profound and subtle ideas so easily accessible.”
“The very night that I finished reading it I had awakening experiences similar to those explored in the book.”


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