About Jeff

Jeff Carreira originally received an undergraduate degree in physics and spent five years working as a research engineer before realizing that life’s deepest questions could not be answered through science alone. He decided to work in a more humanitarian field and received a Master’s degree in education and spent seven years working as a special education teacher and school administrator.

He is currently the director of education at the educational nonprofit called EnlightenNext. In that position he creates and organizes a global network of spiritual and philosophical education programs and has trained over one hundred other individuals to teach worldwide. He believes that human beings at the start of the twenty-first century must develop a strong sense of global connectedness rooted in profound philosophical and spiritual values so that we can evolve to higher possibilities of relatedness and cooperation.

He is passionate about philosophy because he is passionate about the power that ideas have to shape the way we see ourselves and the way we live. He is available to speak to audiences that are interested in the power of ideas. Jeff’s enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and he is particularly interested in addressing student groups and inspiring them to develop their own practice of introspection and philosophical inquiry.

“In a world in which university education is often thought of as a vocational certificate, seeing someone obviously relishing the acquisition and sharing of knowledge for its own sake was inspiring.”

William O. Shropshire, Interim Provost, commenting on a lecture given by Jeff Carreira at Oglethorpe University

Jeff has taught university students about Charles Darwin’s influence on American thought, spoken with recovering alcoholics about the transformative philosophy of William James, and addressed Unitarian church groups about Ralph Waldo Emerson and the roots of their faith. He has taught college courses on philosophy, spoken at conferences, and led seminars worldwide.