January 06

Experience and Understanding

There are two kinds of knowing – experience and understanding – and the confusion between them is the cause of all sorts of trouble for any thinking person – which is all of us. Experience is the knowing of things. It is exactly what appears to our senses precisely as it is without us doing […]

December 30

Are we stuff that got smart? Or smarts that grew stuff?

One of the most confounding philosophical questions is the one about who we are, and how we got here. Are we intelligent matter – stuff that got smart – or are we incarnate spirit – smarts that grew stuff? This question is inherent in the experience of being human. We experience bodies and we experience […]

December 23

Is Time Real?

The experience of the passage of time is one of the most foundational experiences of being human. We remember the past, we experience the immediacy of the present, and we imagine the possibilities of the future. I remember brewing coffee a few minutes ago, I taste the coffee right now, and I anticipate how it […]

December 16

Why Do Worldviews Clash?

I have been thinking about how challenging philosophical discussion can be and I think that part of that difficulty comes about when we are not discussing ideas within a single worldview, but are actually clashing one worldview against another. As I see it a worldview is a belief in a complete philosophical system. Discussing within […]

December 09

What is the Relationship Between Meditation and Transformation?

I have dedicated my life to the exploration of the profound potential for transformation that all human beings possess. In this pursuit I have had the grace of experiencing transformation at the core of my being and having other pioneering souls to explore intimately with. All of that experience has brought with it an unshakeable […]

December 02

The Source of Creativity in the Universe

The American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce believed that the universe was evolving – the whole universe, not just the things in it. He believed that the universe itself, including the seemingly immutable laws of time, space, and physics, was evolving as one continuous whole event. Most of us believe in evolution, but we tend to […]

November 25

Compelled By Possibility – Meditation and a New Way of Being

There are personally and culturally conditioned parts of us that hold onto a problem orientation. If we want to think in evolutionary terms, the habit of having a problem probably goes very deep. There is a survival advantage to those who stay alert and stay on guard against danger and harm. I see a deep […]

November 18

Beyond the Brain’s Picture of Reality

It is much more exciting to question the whole of reality than it is to question any number of its parts. That might be why there has been such a surge in popularity in the recent discoveries of neuroscience as published in a number of books over the past decade. Through these publications we are […]

November 11

How Meditation Supports a Paradigm Shift

Many of us have discovered that profound transformation necessitates a deep shift in the paradigm we live in. In moments of deep insight we realize that we live under the influence of deeply held beliefs and assumptions that limit what is possible. What we often don’t realize is that even the part of us that […]

November 02

The Doorway to Mystical Experience

The Mystic knows that the key to entering into mystical realms of experience is the ability to let go of the familiar. Our ordinary and familiar perception of reality is exactly what we must learn to see beyond if we are to taste the miraculous. To do this we must discover how to consciously not […]