Radical Inclusivity 8-Session Audio Course

A vision of a new reality and a philosophy to support it

If you are passionate about how philosophical inquiry can expand your consciousness and shift your perception of what is possible then I want to share the fruits of over two decades of spiritual and philosophical exploration with you.

This audio course offers insights and realizations that have been essential to my spiritual growth in one easily accessible format.

If you appreciate the profound depth to which our experience of reality is shaped by our ideas about it, please join me on this journey of discovery.

Jeff Carreira

Why We Need Racial Inclusivity

The increasing complexities of our world necessitate a capacity for ongoing transformation greater than any previous time in history.

Appreciation for embracing evolution is growing.

In business and industry companies recognize that the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace is essential for success.

Our politicians struggle to keep up with unpredictable shifts of power and mounting global ecological, economic, and cultural challenges.

We live in times where rapid social changes necessitate a constant assessment and reassessment of yesterday’s moral standards and values as we navigate through one brave new world after another.

In the course of one lifetime most of us will cycle through several major career shifts, more than one significant life-partner, and will spend time living in different geographical areas and even different countries.

The demand for change is a challenge –and an opportunity.

The demands of our time are creating an atmosphere in which miraculous transformation is possible. To take advantage of this opportunity for deep change we need a philosophy that can support and facilitate positive shifts in consciousness.

Radical Inclusivity is a way of understanding a new reality and the consciousness that goes along with it. It is also an approach to philosophical inquiry that opens up profound potentials and possibilities.

In this 8-part Audio course you will explore a new perspective on reality that will leave you pondering questions you never knew you could ask..

You will be awe-inspired at the enormity of the reality that you are a part of and inspired to experience more of reality than you have ever imagined possible.

A Very Brief History of Western Consciousness

There is a consciousness that many of us are moving into in response to the demands of our world. I call this consciousness continuity-unfolding.

During the European Enlightenment Western civilization shifted into a powerful and profound consciousness rooted in the Cartesian/Newtonian model of reality. I call this consciousness things-in-space, and despite its tremendous power it also has limitations that we are now beginning to recognize.

The book Radical Inclusivity and this audio course present a philosophical and spiritual perspective and a form of practice and inquiry designed to catalyze a shift from things-in-space consciousness to continuity-unfolding consciousness.

As you explore each chapter of the book with the benefit of extensive commentary and enriching outside sources you will discover a new way to understand who you are and the nature of reality.

The Radical Inclusivity Audio Course includes:

  • a set of profound quotations from pioneering thinkers to use as the basis for contemplation
  • a brief recorded audi0 message from Jeff Carreira
  • a PDF download of the book Radical Inclusivity
  • 1 30-minute recorded introduction to the course
  • 6 hour-long recorded audio sessions of commentary from Jeff Carreira about each chapter of the book Radical Inclusivity
  • each audio session includes a set of suggested resources for further inquiry with links to articles, books, blogs and audio lectures to support your further investigation
  • a PDF copy of a a bonus summary paper written by Jeff Carreira called “Five Insights About the Nature of Reality Gained through the Experience of Radical Inclusivity
  • an hour-long audio session with Jeff Carreira of commentary and discussion about the summary paper followed by suggested resources for further inquiry


What People are Saying About the Book

“It is fantastic. I have finished my first, but not my last, reading!”
“A gem, I read it before each meditation to access the Source.”
“It has deepened my investigation and enlivened my relationship with fellow explorers.”
“Wonderful! I love how the use of metaphor and analogy make profound and subtle ideas so easily accessible.”
“The very night that I finished reading it I had awakening experiences similar to those explored in the book.”


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