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Welcome to the Radical Inclusivity Audio Course

You are now confirmed to start the Radical Inclusivity Audio Course.

To begin please click on this URL:


Once you are on the page use the password “stayontheinside” to enter the page.

Suggestions for how to use the course:

  • Listen to the 7min Welcome Message.
  • Look over the course page. (Notice that the 8 parts are based on a chapter of the book and include audio commentary and suggestions for further inquiry.
  • Think about how you would like to do the course – one possibility is to do it over 8 weeks completing one part per week.
  • Download the eBook and look through it or read it if you want to.
  • NOTE: You will hear the entire book read during the audio commentary so there is no reason to read the book first unless you want to.
  • Begin to go through the course when you are ready to start.

You will receive a copy of these instructions by email for your reference. If you have any difficulties accessing the course please feel free to email me at jeff@jeffcarreira.com

Thank you again for ordering this program.