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July 12

From Mysticism to We-Mysticism

Mysticism is most often associated with the lone spiritual adventurer who separates from the world in order to turn his or her gaze inward and unite with the divine.  Yet there is also another form of mysticism – a we-mysticism – that is a spiritual journey that can only be accomplished with others. This We-Mystical […]

Evolutioanry Nonduality and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Evolutionary Nonduality, at least as it is taught by Andrew Cohen, is ultimately about recognizing that we are not separate from the entire process of cosmic evolution. We tend to relate to the idea of evolution as if we are a thing – a separate object – that exists within an evolving process, something like […]

The Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the first half of the 19th century Ralph Waldo Emerson was part of a small group of forward thinking Unitarian ministers who were ushering in an exciting wave of “new thought” that they later called Transcendentalism. In the end even the liberal thinking Unitarian Church was too constrictive for Emerson. He left the ministry […]

American Romanticism and Andrew Cohen

Now that I have outlined some thoughts about Romanticism I want to go back and explore what I do think that Andrew Cohen might have gotten from William James. I do believe that Andrew Cohen picked up something from his reading of William James, but I don’t believe that you can reasonably place his work […]

What Andrew Cohen may have gotten from William James

From my reading of William James I believe that his moral attitude, stemming from his insistence that ideas and actions are intimately connected, might be the most unique and significant thing that Andrew Cohen picked up from reading “The Varieties of Religious Experience” as a teenager in the midst of a spontaneous spiritual awakening. The […]

Cosmic Consciousness, William James and Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen’s spiritual life began at the age of 16 when he experienced a spiritual experience spontaneously during a conversation with his mother. He later described that during this experience he was “completely overwhelmed and intoxicated by Love and struck by a sense of awe and wonder that was impossible to describe.”  From that revelation […]

Evolutionary Enlightenment and American Philosophy

Before continuing with our fascinating discussion I wanted, in the interest of transparency, to tell a little more about my interest in American Philosophy. The last decades of the 20th century saw a resurgence of interest in progressive and evolution thinking in both academic as well as popular philosophy. The author Louis Menand in his […]

Evolutionary Spirituality and American Philosophy

It is perhaps not surprising that all of the popular contemporary forms of evolutionary spirituality are engaged with the same ethical question that Peirce, James and Dewey attempted to answer. Does the reality of evolution affect the way human beings should live? This question arises naturally with the introduction of an evolutionary worldview that sees […]