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Understanding, Rationality and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge could have used the same tag line as Apple Computers – Think Different! Coleridge is one of the early pioneers of Romanticism and Romanticism was a different way of thinking. In 1825 Coleridge published a book called Aids to Reflection in which he interpreted for an English speaking world what he had […]

Are We Intelligent Matter or Incarnate Spirit?

One of the most confounding philosophical questions involves our understanding of who we really are. Are we intelligent matter – stuff that got smart – or are we incarnate spirit – smarts that grew stuff around it? This question is inherent in the very nature of our experience of being human. We have bodies and […]

Kant, Coleridge and the Power of Intuition

My current presentation of the evolutionary ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson is a good place for a discussion about epistemology to fall in. How do we know what we know? is the question that epistemology asks. Sure we might know something is true, but how do we know it is true? What I am  amazes me […]