About This Blog

My name is Jeff Carreira and I started this blog as a vehicle through which to share my ongoing investigation into the relationship between the idea of evolution, the expereince of enlightenment and the ideas of some of the great American philosophers.

For many years I have studied, practiced and worked with others to co-create the contemporary spiritual path of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Recently I was amazed to discover that this teaching could be understood as part of a stream of spiritual and philosophical thought that traced back through American history to Ralph Waldo Emerson, passing through William James and emerging currently in the work of Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber and others. The ideas of these visionaries have similarities that are rooted in the foundational attitudes embedded in their shared cultural heritage.


America was birthed (at least in part) by courageous individuals who crossed an ocean and walked straight into an unknown wilderness to carve out a nation. The American character was battered into existence during a relentless struggle for individual and national survival.


That character is typified by utilitarian attitudes, utopian aspirations, action orientations and mystical inclinations.


This blog is dedicated to exploring how these four elements weave through the spiritual and philosophical tradition of America and create in large part the way we (at least we Americans) think and how we see reality.

Along the way I will share with you everything I find that will help you in your own quest for truth and meaning.