i7x84it0l-y-austin-mabe February 24

Freedom from Mental Chatter

The opening paragraph of the book Radical Inclusivity says: The first time I was engulfed by the realization of Radical Inclusivity was during a sixty-day meditation retreat under the guidance of my spiritual teacher. As I sat from morning until evening following the simple instruction “Let everything be as it is,” I found myself transported […]

pink and blue February 17

Contact, Concept and Art

We live in a reality constructed of contact and concept. The world reveals itself to us in a stream of sensation. We see colors, shapes, lines, shades of light and dark. We hear sounds shrill and bass, harmonious and discordant. Our skin touches cold and heat, hard and soft, rough and smooth. Scent passes constantly […]

1mhu3zptvro-ben-white February 10

How Do You Read Philosophy?

As I have been reading through some of the works of the great American philosophers I have found myself having to think about “how” to read them. When you read Ralph Waldo Emerson or William James you are reading the thoughts of these great minds from one or two centuries ago. Their thoughts are no doubt great, […]

IMG_3568 February 03

How Can Our Current Consciousness Induce a New One?

In the book Radical Inclusivity I am pointing to a new level of consciousness. The idea that we are in the midst of a shift in consciousness is not original and in fact is gaining popularity. One particularly accessible description of this shift can be found in Fritjof Capra’s book, The Turning Point. The specific […]

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How to Move Beyond Vicious Intellectualism

There are things that we know. And there are things that we know that we don’t know. And there are things that we don’t know that we don’t know. Those things that we don’t even know enough to know that we don’t know lay so far outside of our existing frame of reference that we […]

owbh9a8yi2i-austin-neill January 20

The Pull of Possible Futures….

We are all aware – sometimes painfully so – that the past influences the present. If we have not studied we will not do well on our exam. If we don’t practice our instrument we will not play well in the concert. What we did yesterday created possibilities and limitations that we experience today, and […]

zimqnldnkp0-anna-vander-stel January 06

Experience and Understanding

There are two kinds of knowing – experience and understanding – and the confusion between them is the cause of all sorts of trouble for any thinking person – which is all of us. Experience is the knowing of things. It is exactly what appears to our senses precisely as it is without us doing […]

7e2pe9wjl9m-riccardo-annandale December 30

Are we stuff that got smart? Or smarts that grew stuff?

One of the most confounding philosophical questions is the one about who we are, and how we got here. Are we intelligent matter – stuff that got smart – or are we incarnate spirit – smarts that grew stuff? This question is inherent in the experience of being human. We experience bodies and we experience […]

p3pj7joyvnm-veri-ivanova December 23

Is Time Real?

The experience of the passage of time is one of the most foundational experiences of being human. We remember the past, we experience the immediacy of the present, and we imagine the possibilities of the future. I remember brewing coffee a few minutes ago, I taste the coffee right now, and I anticipate how it […]

060808-1255-pinkelephan21 December 16

Why Do Worldviews Clash?

I have been thinking about how challenging philosophical discussion can be and I think that part of that difficulty comes about when we are not discussing ideas within a single worldview, but are actually clashing one worldview against another. As I see it a worldview is a belief in a complete philosophical system. Discussing within […]