8-signs December 02

The Source of Creativity in the Universe

The American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce believed that the universe was evolving – the whole universe, not just the things in it. He believed that the universe itself, including the seemingly immutable laws of time, space, and physics, was evolving as one continuous whole event. Most of us believe in evolution, but we tend to […]

20140406_155011 November 25

Compelled By Possibility – Meditation and a New Way of Being

There are personally and culturally conditioned parts of us that hold onto a problem orientation. If we want to think in evolutionary terms, the habit of having a problem probably goes very deep. There is a survival advantage to those who stay alert and stay on guard against danger and harm. I see a deep […]

idea_bulb November 18

Beyond the Brain’s Picture of Reality

It is much more exciting to question the whole of reality than it is to question any number of its parts. That might be why there has been such a surge in popularity in the recent discoveries of neuroscience as published in a number of books over the past decade. Through these publications we are […]

lw306 November 11

How Meditation Supports a Paradigm Shift

Many of us have discovered that profound transformation necessitates a deep shift in the paradigm we live in. In moments of deep insight we realize that we live under the influence of deeply held beliefs and assumptions that limit what is possible. What we often don’t realize is that even the part of us that […]

open-door_copy_2 November 02

The Doorway to Mystical Experience

The Mystic knows that the key to entering into mystical realms of experience is the ability to let go of the familiar. Our ordinary and familiar perception of reality is exactly what we must learn to see beyond if we are to taste the miraculous. To do this we must discover how to consciously not […]

fireworks_prod October 28

Evolutionary Love

“The movement of love is circular, at one and the same impulse projecting creations into independency and drawing them into harmony.” Charles Sanders Peirce In 1893 a publication called The Monist printed an article by Charles Sanders Peirce called Evolutionary Love. It was the last in a series of five articles that outlined Peirce’s evolutionary […]

6a00d83436d00253ef0154328a6411970c May 24

Self-Authoring a Paradigm Shift

We live inside of a paradigm based on an assumption of separation and division. We have been trained to believe that we live in reality and we have been taught that the reality we live in is a universe of empty space populated by things that are inherently isolated from one another. And because this […]

circle May 04

The Experience of Suspended Limitation

The experience of spiritual freedom is a condition of suspended limitation. I remember a very profound moment in my life when I realized that I didn’t really know what was possible. Stop and think about that for a minute. What if you really didn’t know what was possible? The moment of this realization was a […]

who-are-you April 18

The Three Stage Process of Evolving Selfhood

This summer I will be leading a 5-Day retreat based on the insights and perspectives explored in my new book The Soul of a New Self. I feel that this retreat is the best opportunity I’ve ever had to teach the full breadth of what I have learned, experienced and assimilated over 25 years of […]

tumblr_mdrrl06FzD1qdhfhho1_500 March 24

Spiritual Growth and the Emergence of the Meta-Being

The purpose of spiritual growth is the expansion of self-awareness. As we grow we become more aware of who we are. Human life is our spiritual path. It leads to the gradual expansion of self-awareness. At times the path may seem random and haphazard. There is a gradual increase of self-knowledge but only in fits […]