September 22

Beyond Human Perspectives

My short book, Radical Inclusivity, can be seen as (and in fact in many ways is) my personal introduction to the philosophy called speculative realism. This new philosophy has only been defined and developed during the course of the last decade by a handful of pioneering thinkers. As I see it, speculative realism is creating […]

September 15

We Don’t Create Time – We Freeze It In Its Tracks.

We have learned to see time as if it appears in chunks – minutes, hours, days, and years. But if time comes in chunks how do we experience past memories in the present? How does the previous moment’s chunk of time connect to the chunk of the present moment? Wait a minute. It will take […]

September 08

Nature Mystics and Scientific Progressives

The European Enlightenment produced two responses; Scientific Rationalism and Romanticism. The Scientific Rationalism represented in the science of Sir Isaac Newton and the philosophy of John Locke. Romanticism produced the writing of Goethe in Germany and the poems of Wordsworth and Coleridge in England. Newton and Locke advocated searching for truth in the empirical reality […]

September 01

The Non-Locality of Self

The literary movement known as Romanticism actively embraced the idea of multiple perspectives. The Romantics were in part reacting against what they saw as the limitations of the Enlightenment. One of those limitations was that for all of its magnificent advances the Enlightenment thinkers were still in some ways committed to a single view of […]

August 25

What is the difference between Philosophy and Spirituality

“What is the difference between Philosophy and Spirituality?” This is a question that has been propelling much of my efforts in writing this blog. Generally here I have limited my meandering thoughts to those ideas and thinkers that tend to safely fall within the general spectrum of what are known as philosophies and philosophers. My […]

August 18

The Soul Evolves

The human soul is not the procession of any single individual; it is the ground of awareness that is the essence of the entire human experience. It is a field of pure knowing. At least that is what Ralph Waldo Emerson learned from Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Emerson used the term the Over-Soul to express this […]

August 11

The American Philosophical Experiment

Nations and cultures embody ideas. The individuals and institutions of a nation are reflections of the ideas and values held in common within it. In order to deeply understand a culture, or the people in it, you have to understand the ideas that are being shared. The United States is a particularly vivid example of […]

August 04

This Is It: Staying on the Inside of Life

How much time do we spend preparing for a moment other than the one we are in? How many hours are passed in critique of what we are doing rather than doing it? These are interesting questions especially when we are considering the phrase ‘staying on the inside’ in relationship to our human experience. In […]

July 21

How Meditation Supports a Paradigm Shift

Many of us have discovered that profound transformation necessitates a deep shift in the paradigm we live in. In moments of deep insight we realize that we live under the influence of deeply held beliefs and assumptions that limit what is possible. What we often don’t realize is that even the part of us that […]

July 14

A World of Sentences, Part 3: The Transformative Power of Language

In my last two posts I have suggested that it may not be valid to think of language as a description of reality. So if our language does not describe reality, what does it do? There are many ways to look at the value and function of language, but there is one that I find […]