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The Purpose of Philosophy and Science

The existence of God, the nature of freewill – we just seem to keep running into some of the same BIG questions that have orbited around Western philosophy for centuries. I thought it might be a good moment to step back again and consider the best way forward. Carl in a comment on my post […]

Why do worldviews clash?

I am fascinated by the discussion that has ensued based on my last post and I hope to tempt your considerable powers of inquiry in a direction that I have been contemplating in response to your comments. I have been thinking about how challenging philosophical discussion can be and I think that part of that […]

In Times of Crisis Philosophy is Not a Luxury: Part 2

We have become very familiar, perhaps over-familiar, with the word crisis. Everyday we hear about the environmental crisis, the economic crisis, the crisis of global warming, and the crisis of violent extremism and on and on. In seems that the efforts on the parts of many concerned individuals have successfully awakened the public to the […]