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May 14

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Call for Originality: Philosophy Is Not A Luxury Podcast Episode 1:

I am very happy to offer you the first episode of the new Philosophy Is Not a Luxury Podcast. In this episode I introduce the intention behind starting the podcast and introduce the thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson by discussing a passage from his book Nature first published in 1836. TO LISTEN USE THIS AUDIO […]

May 06

The Triumph of Romanticism

“All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.”  ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  “We of the craft are all crazy.” ― Lord Byron A CRASH COURSE IN WESTERN PHILOSOPHY: LESSON 6 As we discussed in earlier lessons for a time during the 18th Century it seems that […]

March 18

The Heart of the Mystic

A mystic is one who sees the deeper reality that lies hidden beneath our ordinary experience of reality. The mystic looks deeply into the nature of things by letting go of conventional wisdom and allowing their awareness to roam beyond the safety of the familiar. The mystic has tasted something that lies under the surface […]

November 13

Thinking is NOT something you do!

In the decade of the 1880’s two daringly original thinkers, working on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, both recognized that reality was built upon a foundation of pure experience. One was William James who spent all ten years of that decade completing his master work The Principles of Psychology that was published in 1890. […]

October 29

Romanticism and the Human Soul

Most of us know Samuel Taylor Coleridge as the English Romantic poet and author of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. We may not be aware that he was also an important English theologian who significantly influenced the New England Transcendentalist movement in America. Coleridge and Ralph Waldo Emerson were both trained as Unitarian ministers […]

October 10

Are we stuff that got smart? Or smarts that grew stuff?

One of the most confounding philosophical questions is the one about who we are, and how we got here. Are we intelligent matter – stuff that got smart – or are we incarnate spirit – smarts that grew stuff? This question is inherent in the experience of being human. We experience bodies and we experience […]

The Non-Dual Awakening of Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the themes that I intend to develop in this blog is the understanding of non-duality. Non-duality is a term that means literally – “not two.”  It is used in philosophy, but even more so in teachings of spiritual enlightenment particularly of an eastern flavor.    Non-duality in the context of enlightenment is pointing […]

The Philosophical Roots of Socialism and the Free Market Economy

It is common knowledge that among developed western countries the two leading socioeconomic systems are socialism and capitalism. The former is often associated more closely with European systems of governance and the latter with the American free market economy. It is also generally known that these two systems are rooted in two fundamentally different assumptions […]

Excellence Is Fueled By Philosophy

Why does philosophy matter? It is a question I think about all the time. I know that some people think it doesn’t really matter that much, if at all. It might be because people think about philosophy in the way it is usually taught, as a long succession of treatises and books – an accumulation […]

Nature Mystics and Scientific Progressives

The European Enlightenment produced two responses; Scientific Rationalism and Romanticism. The Scientific Rationalism represented in the science of Sir Isaac Newton and the philosophy of John Locke. Romanticism produced the writing of Goethe in Germany and the poems of Wordsworth and Coleridge in England. Newton and Locke advocated searching for truth in the empirical reality […]