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March 23

What is the Relationship Between Meditation and Transformation?

I have dedicated my life to the exploration of the profound potential for transformation that all human beings possess. In this pursuit I have had the grace of experiencing transformation at the core of my being and having other pioneering souls to explore intimately with. All of that experience has brought with it an unshakeable […]

December 29

The Experience of Radical Inclusivity

The first time I was engulfed by the realization of Radical Inclusivity was during a 60-day meditation retreat. Under the guidance of my spiritual teacher I sat from morning until evening following the simple instruction, “Let everything be as it is.” As I sat with my legs crossed I made supreme effort to follow those […]

December 07

Meditation is not a Luxury

I believe meditation is essential for living a human life because our experience of consciousness is so subtle and so easily misinterpreted. In particular one distinction comes to mind when thinking about why meditative practice is so important. That is the distinction between ‘awareness’ and ‘that of which we are aware. Human beings have created […]

November 30

Meditate into Deep Trust

Many of my most profound spiritual awakenings have come to me through the practice of meditation. And although I haven’t written about that topic on this blog, I do see it as a spiritual discipline that is central to philosophy in that at its core the practice of meditation involves making direct contact with reality. […]