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December 27

How we think and the way things are…

Our customary perception tells us that we live in a world made up of separate things. We have been trained to see reality as a collection of objects. Hence we use the word ‘everything’ to signify the totality of what is. So you can see that this view of a world made up of separate […]

Movie Review: An Ecology of Mind

I recently had the pleasure to attend a special pre-screening of a new film entitled An Ecology of Mind. The film is an hour-long documentary about the anthropologist and philosopher Gregory Bateson that was created by his daughter Nora Bateson. At the start of the film Nora claims that it is a film “about the way […]

In Times of Crisis Philosophy is Not a Luxury: Part 2

We have become very familiar, perhaps over-familiar, with the word crisis. Everyday we hear about the environmental crisis, the economic crisis, the crisis of global warming, and the crisis of violent extremism and on and on. In seems that the efforts on the parts of many concerned individuals have successfully awakened the public to the […]

William James and The Absolute

In my last post I tried to evoke a sense of how far personally and culturally human beings might have to go in our own evolution in order to be able to overcome our global challenges and ultimately evolve into higher possibilities.  In a similar vein in the last chapter of his book “Pragmatism” William […]