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May 14

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Call for Originality: Philosophy Is Not A Luxury Podcast Episode 1:

I am very happy to offer you the first episode of the new Philosophy Is Not a Luxury Podcast. In this episode I introduce the intention behind starting the podcast and introduce the thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson by discussing a passage from his book Nature first published in 1836. TO LISTEN USE THIS AUDIO […]

Is Time Real?

The experience of the passage of time is one of the most foundational experiences of being human. We remember the past, we experience the immediacy of the present, and we imagine the possibilities of the future. I remember brewing coffee a few minutes ago, I taste the coffee right now, and I anticipate how it […]

November 12

Art and the Evolution of Consciousness

Did you know that American Avant-Garde painters, writers and musicians in the 1950’s were inspired by evolutionary philosophy? I just completed a weekend program with a group that I co-teach called The Evolutionary Collective and the connection between Art and Consciousness was central to our inquiry over the weekend. In the decades following World War […]

The Transformation of the Present Moment

Generally we assume that the world just exists – sitting there dead and meaningless – the object of our perceptions. The world doesn’t just exist – it shows up. It presents itself to us through layers of interpretation. William James talked about our experience of the world as being ‘thick’ – thick with layers of […]

Alfred North Whitehead: And the Three Components of Knowledge

This week I wanted to share a quote from the English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead. Whitehead is the originator of what is commonly known as Process Theology. And many of his ideas follow closely in a line that was drawn earlier by William James and Charles Sanders Peirce.  Whitehead in a series of lectures collectively […]

The Emergence of the Universe

In my last two posts I introduced Peirce’s phenomenology of thirdness. The American Pragmatists were exploring a perspective of unified emergence that was taking the implications of Darwin’s evolutionary theory into the realm of metaphysics. This work on emergence was continued in America by Alfred North Whitehead and Process Theologians to the present day. Carl […]