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June 08

What is Radical Inclusivity? Introducing a New Reality

Radical Inclusivity is a philosophical perspective and an awakening experience that opens a portal to a new reality. My passion for philosophy is fueled by my recognition that the reality we live in needs to – and is – shifting. The never-ending quest to understand the nature of reality has always been the heart of […]

January 02

Even More About Radical Inclusivity

The realization of Radical Inclusivity is the recognition that you are already inside (although what inside means can shift with context and circumstance) and there is no way out. It is the ultimate endgame that points to the indisputable fact that there is no outside to reality. My experience of Radical Inclusivity lead me to […]

The Curious Case of John Elof Boodin vs. Charles Darwin

The American philosophy of Pragmatism was in many ways a direct response to Darwin’s publication of “On the Origin of Species.” The early Pragmatists were trying to apply the same logic to philosophy that Darwin had applied to evolution. At the same time the Pragmatists were generally apposed to the idea that chance mutation and […]