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February 09

Beyond Human Perspectives

This short book can be seen as, and in fact in many ways is, my personal introduction to the philosophy called speculative realism. This new philosophy has only been defined and developed during the course of the last decade by a handful of pioneering thinkers. As I see it, speculative realism is creating a context […]

Belief and Fact

The worst speculative Skeptic ever I knew, was a much better Man than the best superstitious Devotee & Bigot.  —David Hume (Letter to Gilbert Elliot of Minto, March 10, 1751) Before I go on to share more with you about Ralph Waldo Emerson and continue to unfold his early and profound evolutionary spiritual philosophy I […]

My Initial Encounter with the Radical Inquiry of Charles Sanders Peirce (Part II)

What I was confronted with in myfirst encounter with Peirce was not the skepticism of Descartes that assumes everything is untrue and then builds from there. It was a more evolutionary skepticism that assumes that everything is only locally true – true for  entities of about our size, with physiological and psychological characteristics like ours, […]

The Radical Inquiry of Charles Sanders Peirce (Part I)

I first encountered the radical inquiry of Charles Sanders Peirce while reading his essay entitled, “Design and Chance,” a paper Peirce used as the basis for a lecture he gave on January 17, 1884 to the members of the Metaphysical Club that he founded at Johns Hopkins Universi.1 Thit is wasn’t the first thing I […]