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The Illusion of Freedom and Thought

Inevitably if we start to talk about social conditioning the topic of human freewill comes into play. When you begin to recognize, as John Dewey did, that so much – if not all – of the ways that we act and think and feel are really an outpouring of socially acquired habits, you begin to […]

Are We All Institutionalized?

We might be. I wanted to share some more thoughts as I read John Searle’s new book “Making the Social World“And one of the things that has struck me profoundly about social reality is the degree to which we are in fact all institutionalized. Think about it – most people in the developed west who […]

Why is Barack Obama the President of the United States?

I want to continue the discussion of how the social world is created by posing the question, “Why is Barack Obama the President of the United States?” The most popular answer to that question would probably be, “Because during the presidential election two years ago more people voted for Barak Obama than for any other […]

Reality or Social Reality

I am currently beginning to study the work of the philosopher John R. Searle especially his work on how social reality is created. He starts from the fact that there are many things that are real only because we agree that they are real. These constitute the social world that we live in. The word […]