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January 27

The Heart and Soul of Romanticism

In deep meditation we encounter our own non-existence, or at least we discover that we are not who, or what, we thought we were. We see that our experience is made up of a never-ending parade of passing experiences. These experiences are all real experiences, but we have no way of knowing if they are […]

December 15

The Emancipation of Imagination

In 1817 the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge described “the willing suspension of disbelief” as an act of “poetic faith” through which a reader’s accepts fanciful aspects of a fictional work. Without this willingness the reader cannot surrender into any story that contain extraordinary circumstances or characters. Those of us who believe that human beings […]

Life without the Background

On Friday October 22nd I will be presenting at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, California. The topic of my presentation will be Evolutionary Non-duality, and I will introduce people to the same evolutionary philosophical tradition in American philosophy that has been the major theme of this blog. My intention is to use […]