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December 21

Contact, Concept and Art

We live in a reality constructed of contact and concept. The world reveals itself to us in a stream of sensation. We see colors, shapes, lines, shades of light and dark. We hear sounds shrill and bass, harmonious and discordant. Our skin touches cold and heat, hard and soft, rough and smooth. Scent passes constantly […]

November 23

Art, Culture and Alfred North Whitehead

The art scene in New York in the fifties was a living hotbed for a new way of thinking and new conceptions about reality. Avant-garde painters, writers, musicians and more, were infused with a new conception of reality and a new possibility for human life. One of the books that was inspiring them was Alfred […]

November 12

Art and the Evolution of Consciousness

Did you know that American Avant-Garde painters, writers and musicians in the 1950’s were inspired by evolutionary philosophy? I just completed a weekend program with a group that I co-teach called The Evolutionary Collective and the connection between Art and Consciousness was central to our inquiry over the weekend. In the decades following World War […]

The Experience Train of William James (Part II)

As James developed his philosophy of Radical Empiricism that philosophy rested on the idea that reality is made up of “pure experience.” It was a philosophy of subjectivity and with it he was able to eliminate another of his nemesis dualisms, the split between mind and matter. The thoughts and feelings that we usually see […]