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Evolutionary Enlightenment and American Philosophy

Before continuing with our fascinating discussion I wanted, in the interest of transparency, to tell a little more about my interest in American Philosophy. The last decades of the 20th century saw a resurgence of interest in progressive and evolution thinking in both academic as well as popular philosophy. The author Louis Menand in his […]

Evolutionary Spirituality and American Philosophy

It is perhaps not surprising that all of the popular contemporary forms of evolutionary spirituality are engaged with the same ethical question that Peirce, James and Dewey attempted to answer. Does the reality of evolution affect the way human beings should live? This question arises naturally with the introduction of an evolutionary worldview that sees […]

Some thoughts from Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the original contemporary designers of the “conscious evolution” movement. Recently she wrote to me to express some thoughts in regards to this post and was generous enough to allow me to share them with you. From Barbara: About the question of freedom, I was originally inspired by Teilhard’s Law […]